Bottoms Up™ Toilet Rise

The Bottoms Up toilet elevator was developed in Toronto at the world renowned Center for Studies in Aging. This patented award winning design is the stable, cost effective alternative to the traditional elevated plastic toilet ring.

Conventional toilet rings that are fastened to the top of the toilet can be highly unstable if not fastened securely. They are difficult to clean and can prove to be quite unsanitary. Other family members will benefit as well; no more separate bathrooms or having to take the elevator seat on or off. You regain your independence and dignity and they can use the toilet the same as before.


- Safer and easier to use toilet
- Raises the entire toilet by 3 ½” (8.9 cm)
- More stable – use conventional toilet seat
- Entire family can continue to use the toilet
- More sanitary and easier to clean that elevated toilet seats
- Less time spent cleaning
- Inexpensive alternative to buying a new “comfort height” toilet
- Universal design – can be used on round or elongated bowl toilets
- Can be fitted to a bidet
- Aesthetically pleasing design that is non-obtrusive
- Made of ABS Can be painted to suit if desired
- Supports users up to 500 lb (227 kg)
- Compliant with AODA and ADA as well as all building codes