SureGrip Bars

Our SureGrip Grab Bars provides a superior safe grip. The variety of lengths allow for a wider range of safety and support. Both the 1¼ and the 1½ inch diameter gives those with restricted gripping power a chance to hold on tightly. All of our Grab Bars are rust proof and AODA and ADA Compliant.

Other grab bars that are too short are often too small of a target to reach in time. Small diameter bars don't allow a proper tight grip. Low Price Chrome bars will rust and peel in a short time (see pictures below). Not Ours!!

These Grab Bars have been designed to be more than functional. The Designer Series incorporate an easy-to-clean finish that would be a pleasing accent to any bathroom.

Don't make your bath room look like an institution!!

Fastening any grab bar properly is very important. Most times a wall stud can be located and used. There may be times when that is not possible, and special load-bearing fasteners should be used. Small butterfly fasteners or toggle types of fasteners just can't do the job or meet building code standards. Let us show you our patented multi-arm waterproof fasteners that can support hundreds of pounds and not pull out of the wall.

Having the SureGrip Grab Bars in the correct locations will certainly make entering and leaving the bathtub or shower much safer and easier.

The Pure Elegance made in Italy. This product line is rated as antimicrobial.

SureGrip Standard Series Grab Bars

The SureGrip Series of AODA Compliant Grab Bars offer a range of sizes and finishes. These Grab Bars are made of 100% 18/8 Stainless Steel - including the welding rod used to fasten the flange to the bar. The flange is designed to accept our exclusive line of hollow wall fasteners. The flange cover conceals the mounting screws. In addition by using our double sided adhesive waterproof mounting discs you are assured of having the best quality of grab bars installed in a manner that exceeds building codes across Canada.

The SureGrip Standard Series Grab Bars are the most economical grab bars available. .