Walk Thru Insert

More than 25,000 bathroom accidents occur each year from the loss of balance while trying to step over the side of a bathtub. Installing a Walk-Thru Insert may be the single most effective way to reduce the possibility of a serious accident.

Our innovative method of tub cutting allows for substantial savings.

This is the most cost effective way of converting your existing tub to a walk-in shower.

Only Kimmel of Canada installers and our Authorized Dealers are recognized as being competent enough to be Certified as "Factory Recognized".

The Walk-Thru Insert makes entering and exiting the bathtub easy and safer by significantly lowering the tub wall barrier.

The average height of a bathtub is 14 to 16 inches (2 times higher than a normal step). For an aging person or a person with disabilities, this may be difficult to step over and still keep their balance. The Walk-Thru Insert reduces bathroom stress and injury and may save your life by lowering the step into the tub for easier access. By converting the bathtub into a Walk-Thru shower, you reduce that awkward barrier that seems like a mountain to loved ones and makes it an easy step into the tub.

The Walk-Thru Insert fits most bathtubs allowing you or your loved ones to enjoy the ease of access to the tub within one day. The Walk-Thru Insert is installed in a few hours with no mess or demolition. There is no need to remove the bathtub. Modifying the existing bathtub allows you to keep the walls, floors and plumbing intact - saving you literally thousands of dollars over conventional remodeling.

This conversion will reduce the strain and stress on the elderly, people with disabilities and the caregiver. It can help restore some independence to a private part of someone's life. The Walk-Thru Insert is available in 3 different styles. Our standard Wide model (white) will fit most steel tubs manufactured from 1950 to present. It is also available in a Grey Speckled look finish to assist those who may have difficulty distinguishing depth. The Narrow model (white) will fit most newer, slim wall acrylic bathtubs. The XL model (white) will fit over bath tubs that may have had a liner installed. We can convert almost any tub!

If you wish to convert the tub back we will be pleased to show you Quick Tub Door System that makes this possible.

No Mess - No Fuss !!! This is the most cost effective conversion on the market.

The Walk-Thru Insert is covered by a 5 YEAR PARTS AND LABOUR Warranty.

Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. The Walk-Thru Insert is only available in Canada through Kimmel of Canada authorized Dealers.

NOTE: There are a number of companies offering a "knock off" of the Walk-Thru Tub Insert. Call us before you decide. You will be glad you did!.